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Donuts: 3 Act Task

by Jean DAngelo

Donuts:  3 Act Task

Act One

  • Jean DAngelo

    Jean DAngelo

    March 02, 2019

    What do you notice? What do you wonder?

  • 1.

    How many donuts are there?

Act Two

  • 2.

    How many donuts did I start with? How many donuts are missing?

  • ImageIMG_0531
  • Teacher note
    A dozen is 12.

Act Three

  • ImageImage-1(1)
  • Teacher note
    There are 8 donuts in the box.

    4 donuts are missing.

    I started with 12 donuts.

    8+4= 12


  • ImageIMG_0532
  • 3.

    How many donuts are there now? How many donuts are missing now? How many more donuts were eaten?

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