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Pokémon Go Cheat

by Dan Meyer


Act One

  • Dan Meyer

    Dan Meyer

    August 11, 2016

    How long will that fan have to spin until the 5 km egg hatches?

  • 1.

    What is a guess you know is too high?

  • 2.

    What is a guess you know is too low?

  • 3.

    What is a guess you think is just right?

Act Two

  • VideoContrasting Cases
  • Teacher note
    Show students the contrasting cases as they're considering helpful information.
  • 4.

    What information would be helpful to know here?

  • VideoSlow-Motion Fan
  • Teacher note
    The length of the fan blade is approximately 45 centimeters.
  • Teacher note
    Invite your students to time the fan in order to calculate its rotational velocity (revolutions per second). Then help them understand how to use that information to calculate how long it'll take the phone to travel 5 kilometers.
  • FileSample Student Work

Act Three


  • 5.

    Pokémon Go calls you a cheater if the phone is moving faster than 1 m/s. Knowing that, where should you put the phone on the fan?

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