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'Concentrating' on Orange Juice

by Brian Errey


Act One

  • Brian Errey

    Brian Errey

    May 13, 2015

    Using the can, is it still possible to properly make the orange juice?

Act Two

Act Three

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  • Teacher note
    One possible solution: Using the height of 16 cm and diameter of 6.5 cm ...volume of a full can of water is 531 mL (vs the can’s listed volume of 474 mL) 1.857 cans of water are needed to make the required amount of orange juice…therefore the height of the water in the second can of water represents 0.857 of a can or 986 mL– 531 mL = 455 mL…height of final pour is 13.7 cm >> approx. 2.5 cm from the top)

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  • 1.

    If you were able to use the can AND an additional container, can you think of another way to solve the 'mix-up' ?

  • 2.

    If you were to share the orange juice equally with a family of 4, what could be some possible dimensions of the glasses ?

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