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Building Boxes

by Paul Jorgens


Act One

  • Paul Jorgens

    Paul Jorgens

    November 11, 2014

    Which box holds more cubes? How many different boxes can be built?

Act Two

  • Imageheight
  • Imagewidth
  • Imagecontainer
  • File20 by 10
  • Teacher note
    The Act 2 question could be will all the cubes fit in the box? I put up the picture of the container. You might follow with what size (smallest?) graph paper is necessary to build a box for all of the cubes in the container.
  • Teacher note
    There are only four open top boxes that can be built. My picture was to have groups build as many different boxes as they can and determine the box of greatest volume. They will follow up seeking the largest box from a different (and larger size) grid paper in the sequel.

Act Three


  • 1.

    What smallest size grid paper is needed so that all of the cubes will fit in the created box?

  • Imagecontainer
  • FileBuilding Boxes sequel
  • Teacher note
    The building box sequel is a different size grid paper to go home and try to return with the biggest box.

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