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Lac Manicouagan

by Lucam Chauny

Lac Manicouagan

Act One

  • Lucam Chauny

    Lucam Chauny

    September 04, 2014

    How did this happen? How big is it?

  • 1.

    What's the area of the lake? The area of the island? (let's ignore for a minute that coastlines are fractal...)

  • 2.

    Is the lake bigger or the island bigger?

Act Two

  • distance between Montreal and Ottawa: 170km

    distance between Montreal and Québec: 226km

    distance between Montreal and Sherbrook: 135km

  • Teacher note
    by giving students arbitrary distances, they will have to train their scaling and conversion skills (if they wish to have the final answer in miles for example. Although I'm French, so miles are weird to me anyway.)

Act Three


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