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Rotonda West, FL

by Dan Meyer

Rotonda West, FL

Act One

  • Dan Meyer

    Dan Meyer

    July 16, 2014

    Which is the shorter path?

  • 1.

    What is your guess?

Act Two

  • Teacher note
    An alternate way to start this task is to show:

    a) no dots

    b) just the dots

    c) the dots and the paths

    ... asking each time, "What questions do you have here?"
  • ImageNo route
  • ImageJust dots
  • 2.

    What information do you need here?

  • ImageDiameter

Act Three


  • 3.

    Change a measurement so that both cars will arrive at exactly the same time.

  • Teacher note
    It may be interesting, or at least odd, to find out that no matter what the diameter is Route B will always be faster. You have to change the position of the points.

    You can follow up with: "Where should the starting point be so that they arrive at the same time?"

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