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Binomial Powers

by Bryan Anderson


Act One

  • Teacher note
    What questions do you have when you watch this video?

    Ask students to write down their questions, I normally ask students to find at least 3. When I observe that most students have questions written, I ask them to share those questions with their neighbor. I then throw up a Microsoft Word document and start typing down questions students supply. Students from my classroom came up with all sorts of different questions, some we can easily answer and others that we can’t. I am looking for a key question or questions to start this lesson. If students do not ask one of these questions, I tell them that I hope I can answer most of the questions provided, but that I need them to consider one of these questions first.

    Any of these type of questions will lead students down the inquiry I hope to explore with them.

    Is there a pattern?

    What is changing from one frame to the next?

    Is the pattern constant?

    What are the different different pieces called?

    How do you square binomials?

Act Two

Act Three

  • Teacher note

    25 cubes (25)

    4 longs (4x)

    flat, 8 longs, 16 cubes (x^2 + 8x +16)

    4 flats, 8 longs, 4 cubes (4x^2 + 8x + 4)


  • Teacher note

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