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How high can you pull a possum?

by Hayley johnston-Coutts

How high can you pull a possum?

Act One

  • Teacher note
    Ask children to develop "vital" questions. They can do this as a small group.

    As a class children need to develop 3 vital questions to which you can give them answers.
  • Teacher note
    I gave the students the following assumptions.

    1. The rope is 60 meters long.

    2 the person at the base of the pole is 1.75cm tall.

    3. The treated pine logs are 20 meters tall.

    Make the children work for the answers. Do not just give them the answers, make them develop the questions.

Act Two

  • Teacher note
    Butchers paper.

    Rulers (if asked for)

Act Three

  • Teacher note


  • 1.

    How long was the rope? How far do the runners need to run in order to lift the possum to full height?

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