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The ants come marching in

by R4MC 2013

The ants come marching in

Act One

  • R4MC 2013

    R4MC 2013

    August 02, 2013

    How much larger is this ant in relation to an actual ant?

Act Two

  • 1.

    Some things to consider: How long is a real ant? What is the actual length of the big ant?

  • ImageTake a look
  • LinkHe's HOW long?
  • Teacher note

    Use division to find unit rates and ratios in proportional relationships such as speed, density, price, recipes, and student teacher ratio.


    Estimate and find solutions to application problems involving proportional relationships such as similarity, scaling, unit costs, and related measurement units.

Act Three

  • Teacher note
    If 1 inch = 26 mm and the big ant measured 9 inches then using conversions

    9 inches would equal 234 mm.

    Using a proportion, students can calculate the percentage.

    X/100 = 235/13

    X = 1807. 69

    The BIG ant would measure 1,807.7 percent larger than an actual ant.


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