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Round and Round We Go

by R4MC 2013

Round and Round We Go

Act One

  • R4MC 2013

    R4MC 2013

    August 02, 2013

    What math do you see in this picture?

  • 1.

    How many circles are there?

  • 2.

    What could these circles represent?

Act Two

  • VideoAct 2
  • 3.

    How long will it take all 3 calendars to be at the same place they are today?

  • Teacher note
    Use 3 different sized circles to have struggling student "make" the Mayan calendar for hands-on reference.

Act Three


  • 4.

    What is the area of each circle? How can we estimate the area where each gear is?

  • 5.

    What is the circumference of each ring, inside and out? How can we estimate due to the gears?

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