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Ants Marching

by James Sperry


Act One

Act Two

  • Teacher note
    Pixel locations were measured with a mac app called "Rulers"
  • ImageAnts_Marching_Act_2


  • 1.

    Will we get to finish watching the video before the laptop battery is dead? If not, how much time will be left on the video?

  • FileLorax Sequel Act 1
  • ImageSequel Scatterplot (example solution)
  • ImageSequel Scatterplot Basic (example solution started)
  • Teacher note
    The "student" solution I have posted here looks like a positive correlation b/c my x-axis quantity is "time remaining" instead of "time elapsed". I used "time remaining" b/c that's what Netflix shows on the screen. If it bugs you or your students, then give the total movie time to calculate "time elapsed" (1:26:11)

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