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Gas Light

by Steven Shirley

Gas Light

Act One

  • Steven Shirley

    Steven Shirley

    July 17, 2013

    Will I make it to the next gas station?

Act Three

  • Teacher note
    I don't have an image for Act 3 so I have included a sample calculation. Additionally, I think it would be cool to have students debate whether it would be best try to reach the next gas station that is 30 miles ahead, or whether they should pull over and backtrack to try to find a gas station that is closer.
  • Teacher materialGas Light Act3


  • ImageGas Light Sequel [MPG]
  • ImageGas Light Sequel [Hybrid]
  • Teacher note
    MPG: I think it would be cool to compare the actual MPG of my car to this EPA data. Is my 13-year-old car still as fuel efficient as it should be?

    HYBRID: In the Jetta MPG image, the Jetta is less fuel efficient on city roads and more efficient on the highway. In the Prius MPG image, the city road MPG is the more efficient number. I think it would be cool to talk to students about why the efficiency relationship for city streets and highways is reversed for a tradition fuel-powered vehicle and a hybrid vehicle.

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