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Snail's Pace

by Andrew Stadel

Snail's Pace

Act One

  • Andrew Stadel

    Andrew Stadel

    July 09, 2013

    How long will it take for the snail to get across the sidewalk?

  • Teacher note
    1. Guess a time that's too low.

    2. Guess a time that's too high.

    3. Guess a time that's just right.

    *Have students think, pair, share these guesses. Write them on the whiteboard, pieces of paper you collect, or in their math notebooks.

Act Two

  • Teacher note
    Given the dimensions of the rectangular slab of concrete, what can you and your students do with this?

    Have students construct two paths for the snail:

    1) A path that seems realistic and

    2) A path that seems absolutely absurd.

    Have students explain!

    Is it Straight? Diagonal? Curved? Other?

    Maybe find the average of the times the students submitted in Act 1. Can you construct the path of the snail from this average?

    Give students a few angles at which the snail forms with the side length of 5 ft., 10.5 inches. What if the path is straight, can we use properties of right triangles?

    What if the snail goes halfway, makes a U-turn, and heads back to the side it started from?

    Have some fun here.
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  • ImageSnails Pace - Act 2a
  • ImageSnails Pace - Act 2b


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