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Woody's Raise

by Andrew Stadel


Act One

  • Andrew Stadel

    Andrew Stadel

    July 06, 2013

    What amount per week did Woody settle for?

Act Two

  • Teacher note
    Compared to a $100 raise each month, Woody (the bartender) offered Sam (the owner in the tie) a "raise" amount per week that Sam quickly accepted.

    Poll the class: who do they think is getting the better deal?

    Encourage students to come up with a "raise" amount per week where Woody would settle for the better deal.

    Make a class list visible where they can post their values that they think Woody is getting the better deal. Get the class to write an inequality that represents the better deal.

    Once the better deal for Woody is established, have students write two more inequalities:

    1) When Sam gets the better deal.

    2) When it's an equivalent deal.

    Woody (the bartender)?

    Sam (the owner in the tie)?
  • 1.

    At what "raise" amount per week would Woody settle for the: 1) Better deal 2) Equivalent deal 3) Worse deal

Act Three


  • 2.

    How much money does Sam lose each month & how does it add up over the course of a year (assuming we compare it to the $100 raise per month)?

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