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If all the iphones in the world were combined

by Johanna Langill

If all the iphones in the world were combined

Act One

  • Johanna Langill

    Johanna Langill

    May 21, 2013

    What is that? and How big is it? (knowing the object: How many iphones are there?)

  • 1.

    If we put all the iphones ever sold all together, how big of a screen could we make?

Act Two


  • Teacher note
    Project about unit conversions. This could be a great hook for a project about unit conversions. The article itself has several different comparisons (this is like all four sides of 14 World Trade Centers, etc.)

    I've seen a project (at High Tech High Media Arts in San Diego) where students had to figure out some conservation/recycling large number and then come up with some way of making a compelling comparison to communicate how many styrofoam cups a coffee shop goes through in a day, or how many grocery bags are thrown away in their city each week, or...

    Number sense and communicating with math

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