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Match or No Match

by Nico Rowinsky


Act One

  • Nico Rowinsky

    Nico Rowinsky

    May 07, 2013

    Is the next one a match or not? How many of each colour are in the bag? (When can I get a new camera?)

Act Two

  • VideoAll the trials
  • Teacher note
    Here are a list of some of the questions students had during the trials:

    -When are you stopping?

    -How many yellows?

    -What's the probability after 20 tries?

    -What are the chances of a match?

    -What's the experimental probability?

    -What's the theoretical probability?

    -What's in the bag?

    As you can see most questions lead to more questions or need some tweaking.

    Final information needed to answer some of those questions:

    100 trials = 57 non-matches, 36 blue matches, 7 yellow matches


  • 1.

    How far was the experimental probability from the theoretical probability?

  • 2.

    What results would you predict for a bag with 4 blue and 3 yellow (after 100 trials)?

  • 3.

    What contents of a bag would result in 50% matches and 50% non-matches? Can you prove it experimentally, and/or theoretically?

  • 4.

    Can you create a bag that will result in 25% matches theoretically?

  • 5.

    Do you see a pattern in your theoretical results? For example a bag with 1 blue and 1 yellow, or (2-1), (3-1), (4-1) and so on.

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