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Deodorant - Act 1

by Andrew Stadel

Deodorant - Act 1

Act One

  • Andrew Stadel

    Andrew Stadel

    April 14, 2013

    How long will all that deodorant last?

Act Two

  • Teacher note
    We have a number of data points...

    Start students with image 2a. Have them make predict (estimate) using just the information from this picture.

    Have students discuss this first image (2a):

    *What do students notice?

    *What do students wonder?

    *Is this enough information to accurately predict when all of five deodorants will be used up?

    Students might ask for more information early on in the conversation, later, or somewhere in between. Regardless of when they ask, allow the conversation to continue, asking students what factors or variables might come into play throughout the life of these 5 deodorant bars. When you feel the students have explored some relevant factors or variables, show them image 2b.

    What will there model look like as we add more and more information?
  • ImageDeodorant - Act 2a
  • LinkDesmos Graphing Calculator
  • ImageDeodorant - Act 2b
  • ImageDeodorant - Act 2c
  • ImageDeodorant - Act 2d

Act Three


  • 1.

    How many sticks of deodorant would one use in a lifetime?

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