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Splitting squares

by ldh


Act One

  • ldh


    April 11, 2013

    How do you do it

  • 1.

Act Two

  • LinkGeogebra Applet used in video
  • Teacher note
    You can play around with the geogebra applet to see if your solution is correct, or to try and find a solution.

    Click the check box in the applet to see the geometric solution to this problem.

    This could also be solved using a system of equations. You have enough information to find the side lengths of the triangles, which are the "heights" of the six rectangles. It may seem like you need six variables for the width of the six rectangles, but you only need three. Three equations with three unknowns.

  • Filehandout

Act Three

  • Teacher note
    I first saw this as a proof for the Law of Cosines - see the link in the prologue. The proof follows easily from the hints on the applet.


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