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Breaking a record

by Evan Weinberg

Breaking a record

Act One

  • Evan Weinberg

    Evan Weinberg

    March 21, 2013

    Will I break my record for blog views today?

  • 1.

    If your answer is yes, at what time do you think it will push past 214 views?

  • Teacher note
  • 2.

    Do you have a guess for how many visitors there will be during Friday?

Act Two

Act Three

  • ImageHow many people visited on Friday?
  • Teacher note
    The actual number of visitors may be surprising or just as expected. There is a lot of room here to discuss how the actual result relates to the guesses at the beginning.


  • 4.

    How many more views of the blog were there on Friday compared to usual?

  • 5.

    At what time should the new blog post have been added to get the highest view rating possible for Friday?

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