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25 Billion Apps

by Dan Meyer


Act One

  • Dan Meyer

    Dan Meyer

    February 18, 2012

    When should I start bombarding the App Store with purchases if I want to win?

  • 1.

    What's an answer you know is too high?

  • 2.

    What's an answer you know is too low?

Act Two

Act Three


  • 4.

    What assumptions have you made in your model?

  • 5.

    Interpret the parameters in your linear model. What do the units of slope represent? What does the y-intercept represent?

  • 6.

    When does your model predict the app store sold its first app? Research to find out the actual date. Why is it different?

  • 7.

    When does your model predict Apple will see its 50 billionth download?

  • LinkApple - Press Info - Apple’s App Store Marks Historic 50 Billionth Download

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