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Styrofoam Cups

by Andrew Stadel


Act One

  • Andrew Stadel

    Andrew Stadel

    January 17, 2013

    How many cups will stack to the top of the door frame?

Act Two

  • Teacher note
    Encourage multiple strategies when solving: tables, an algebraic equation, graphing, etc. Challenge: get your students to write a rule (function).

    *Note: there is more than one rule that will work.

    There are four pictures for the cup. Use what you need:

    "Cup Height" gives the total cup height.

    "Lip Estimate" allows students to estimate about the lip height.

    "Lip Height" give its height.

    "Lip and Cup Height" will give all the dimensions students might need.

    Door frame:

    ***We've got a conversion here as the door height is given in inches and the cups are measured in centimeters.

    [close up] Identify the specific point of measuring the door frame height.

    [Estimate 1] Use Mr. Stadel's height to estimate the height of the door.

    [Estimate 2] Estimate the height of the door.

    [Height] Alas, the height of the door.
  • ImageCup Height
  • ImageLip Estimate
  • ImageLip Height
  • ImageLip and Cup Height
  • ImageDoor Frame [close up]
  • ImageDoor Frame [Estimate 1]
  • ImageDoor Frame [Estimate 2]
  • ImageDoor Frame [Height]


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