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Couch Coins

by Andrew Stadel


Act One

  • 1.

    Make a guess.

  • 2.

    Make a guess that's too high.

  • 3.

    Make a guess that's too low.

Act Two

  • Teacher note
    I included two images for Act 2:

    The first [estimate] image might not be completely necessary as students might be able to count the coins. However, maybe there's some value in allowing students to get a quick glimpse of the picture. I believe some type of estimate is necessary.

    The second [amount] image gives the quantity of each coin in case it's difficult for students to visually count the number of coins.

    Really encourage multiple representations with your students.

    If you students have plastic coins, encourage students to use them.
  • ImageCouch Coins - Act 2 [ESTIMATE]
  • ImageCouch Coins - Act 2 [AMOUNT]

Act Three


  • 4.

    If I found another penny, could the money be divided three ways? How?

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