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Leap the Jeep- Revised

by Nate Hochmuth


Act One

  • Nate Hochmuth

    Nate Hochmuth

    July 07, 2012

    Will he leap over the jeep and child without causing any harm?

Act Two

  • VideoLeap the Jeep- Act 2
  • Teacher note
    Teachers may want to encourage students to determine zeroes of the height function and use projectile motion formula to determine the maximum jump height.


    Students can determine v by solving the zeroes of the height function.

    They can use t(t-x)=0 where x= time it takes jumper to land.

    Then can then rewrite the projectile motion formula with -16 as a coefficient of t^2. Students can then use that equation to determine the maximum height of the jumper. The students will then need to interpret that height and take into account the jumper raising his legs. The students will also need to take into account how long the jumper is in the air, and if the jeep will pass through in that amount of time.

Act Three


  • 1.

    What would be the greatest height that the man could leap? What would be the greatest length vehicle that the man could leap?

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